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Jennifer Sperry – High School Principal

Hello, my name is Jennifer Sperry. I am excited for the 2022-23 school year to begin as I take on another year as the High School Principal. I have been with the district for 26 years. I was originally hired to be the librarian as I hold a Masters in Library Science and hold a Learning Resource Endorsement. However, I was only in that position for a couple of years and then became the JH Math teacher, technology coordinator, and Student Council sponsor. I am married to Craig Sperry and have four boys; two who have graduated from Happy (Kirkland & Connor) while the other 2 (Camden & Kason) still attend school in Happy. As the math teacher, I strived to get my math students to persevere and understand that Math is 'figure-out-able' and that having a math growth mindset is essential to continual learning. In taking on this new role, I will still strive to get students to have a growth mindset in all they attempt because it is not about what they can't do but rather, what they can't do NOW and they allow themselves time to grow and learn. I will also strive to instill in students that school is their job right now and it is important to get in the habit of good job skills; show up, be on time, have all supplies with you, all assignments complete on time, and most importantly; being willing to put forth the effort to learn and strive to do their best at all times.  It is also important to know that mistakes are okay, but through those mistakes, lessons are learned.  I am here to help support students and staff to be the best THEY can be with the resources they have. Please contact me if you need assistance. Looking forward to another impactful and successful year.