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Isaac Graham: Principal for a Day

  Happy Elementary has been known many years for the motto, “excellence is expected, respected, and rewarded,” and fourth grader, Isaac Graham does not fall short. By the fifth six weeks of school Isaac had already . . . read more

Happy Elementary named as a Reward School

Happy Elementary School received the honor of being named a Reward School, only 1 of 5 in the Region 16 area. read more

High Performing Campus - Happy Elementary

High Performing Campus Happy Elementary was recognized Thursday, November 3, 2016, by Texas Education Agency as high-performing or high-progress Title 1 schools.  Six Elementary schools in Region 16 received the High Performing . . . read more

My Teacher

By Arianna Perez, 2 nd Grader My teacher’s name is Mrs. Johnson.  She is fun.  She has us color and do crafts.  We get to go to recess.  In second grade, I made a catapult and a bridge.  Currently, we are . . . read more

Thanksgiving Feast

  Students at Happy Elementary had our Thanksgiving Feast in the P.E. Gym.  We ate popcorn, beef jerky, cheese, grapes and drank Capri-Sun.  I sat on the floor with my best friends, Sami and Olivia.  We were all . . . read more

When I am a Doctor

  If you want to be a doctor, you have to be in school.  If you want to be a horse, you cannot because you cannot turn into a horse.  If you want to be a doctor, you must work hard and go to medical school.  Being a . . . read more

When I Grow Up

    When I grow up I want to go to college.  First, I want to learn about science and math.  I will learn management.  Then I want to play football for West Texas A&M University.  I will play . . . read more


Have you ever lost at a basketball game?  I hate when I lose because I feel really bad.  Basketball is my second favorite sport.  Even though I am only 9 years old, I think I am pretty good! Basketball can be hard at . . . read more

Being Creative

Being creative is the second best thing you can be.  Kids at Happy Elementary, where I go to school, are the best at being creative.  Karsen built a car from a cardboard tube to illustrate a book he was reading.  Alex, in 6 th . . . read more

Dirt Bikes

In Happy, TX, one of the fun activities for children is riding dirt bikes.  The field is ok but riding in the country is better because there are crops, fields, and roads so you can go hundreds of feet in the country.  There are . . . read more

Follow the Rules

Rules are an important and ever present part of life.  Although a simplified statement might be, “Follow the rules or go to jail,” the truth is rules change as we get older.  At home, I must clean my room or I cannot . . . read more

Lego Robots

  Have you ever built a working robot out of Legos?  Well, I have!  It can be very complicated at times.  You have to be good at math, science, and being creative! Robotics is very fun.  The Lego Robot is . . . read more

My Awesome Cousins

  My cousins, Jessica, Sarah, and Bethany, are the craziest.  Jessica is crazy because she asks me silly questions like, “Who are you?” “How come you can’t drive yet?”  Sarah is my next crazy . . . read more

My First Year of Basketball

Last year was my first year of basketball and I was so excited.  I had never played basketball before.  We were undefeated.  When we got to the first game, I was super nervous.  I played the wing position on . . . read more

Principal’s Challenge

  Maddalinn Higgs has a principal and she has a challenge for the school.  Each class had a different challenge.  I was in second grade and the challenge was to read two chapter books.  Last year my sister, Baiyleigh, . . . read more

September 11, 2001

  On February 26, 1993, a rumbling sensation stopped the bustling borough of Manhattan.  Minutes later, the New York Police Department, the New York Fire Department, and ambulances from multiple hospitals arrived as tourists, . . . read more

Show Day

  It was finally here, time to show my pig.  I had to feed him a lot, then I got to take a nap.  I feed my pig Lenders Feed and Oats.  After that, I had to clean out his feeder.  Following a delicious breakfast, . . . read more

Star Wars, Episode 7

Star Wars, The Force Awakens was one of the most anticipated movies of all time.  The movie made over a couple of billion dollars.  So Star Wars Episode 7 sits right now with some of the greatest movies of all time.  For one . . . read more

Stock Show

My big sister, Chandler, shows pigs.  She won Grand Champion Swine. Before she shows a pig, they have to be castrated.  This is our first year to show in San Angelo.  I hope that Chandler will win with her pig.  She has . . . read more

Super Bowl 50

On February 7, 2016, Super Bowl 50 aired on live television where the Denver Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers, 24 – 10. The Carolina Panthers were coming off a hot 2015 season losing only one game.   But with the Denver . . . read more

The Best Teachers

  Mrs. Cowart, the Happy Elementary Music teacher, teaches children how to sing and dance to new songs.  She likes the students, too.  She loves us.  The students like her, too.  Our parents always come watch us . . . read more

The Big Christmas Program

Mrs. Cowart, the Happy Elementary Music teacher, and Mrs. McNeill, the first grade teacher, directed a play for Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1 st and 2 nd grade students.  The program was fun to watch and to perform.  The students made . . . read more

The Minecraft Game

  If you have Minecraft and you do not have the full game, you cannot fly.  But if you do, you can fly and make a treehouse.  And the most amazing thing is an island in the air with a giant house on it.  You can make . . . read more

The Third Grade Class

The third grade class at Happy Elementary is the largest class in school.  The third graders like to do science.  We do a bunch of stuff about the earth.  Today we learned how the earth orbits around the sun and the moon does . . . read more

Wax Museum

  On December 18, 2015, at the Happy High School gym, the wax museum came to fruition.  It was the last day before winter break and I was Thomas Edison. I learned a lot about Thomas Edison and I liked some of his quotes.  . . . read more

When I Grow Up

When I grow up I want to be a rancher.  I want to be a rancher because I will be free and I will get to ride my horse all day long. My friend and I are going to build a ranch.  It is going to be called the M&B Ranch because . . . read more

When I Grow Up

  When I grow up, I would like to be a reading teacher.  I want to be a reading teacher because:           *        I love kids, . . . read more

Writing Enrichement

  When I was in Kindergarten When I was little, I was in Kindergarten at Happy Elementary School.  It was lots of fun.  Every day we did writing and stations.  When I was in Kindergarten, I learned to read and . . . read more

Writing Enrichment

Science Science is important in education.  You can do experiments and other cool stuff.  Science takes lots and lots of math.  The Periodic Table of Elements identifies elements in our universe.  The main three . . . read more

Writing Enrichment

  Writing Enrichment is fun to be in.  The first day we made a journal.  Chesney and I say by each other.  Mrs. Waldo helped me when I was making my journal.  Today we made cards.  It was very fun, too. read more

Writing Enrichment

  Minecraft When You are A Noob When you first get Minecraft, you may not know how to move.  In Minecraft, PC Edition, I had to look up how to move.  You use W, A, S, and D to move.  If you do not know how to . . . read more

Writing Enrichment

Happy Elementary offers Writing Enrichment for students in grades 1 st – 6 th during the month of February.  35 students join a crew of staff and volunteers to participate in activities designed to encourage and promote writing . . . read more

February Par Inv Connection Newsletter

The February newsletter, The Parental Involvement CONNECTION , is available in English and Spanish.   http://www.esc16.net/preview.aspx?name=title1swi.3_newsletter  This edition of the newsletter includes articles about nutrition, . . . read more

Making Math Automatic

The Happy Second Grade class and their teacher, Joli Johnson, received a grant for the Reflex Math System.  The Reflex system combines research-proven methods and innovative technology to provide the most effective math fact fluency . . . read more

Students teaching students

Learning to read nonfiction text is a difficult skill for many emerging readers.  Mrs. Downing, the third grade Reading teacher, asked me to teach a lesson on reading nonfiction using a text about China.  To prepare for the . . . read more

Teaching My Class

Because I am very good at reading and understanding nonfiction text, Mrs. Downing asked me to teach the skill to my classmates.  To prepare to teach third graders, I read the text prior to the class and answered the questions to make . . . read more

Veterans’ Day 2015

Happy ISD took a few minutes from a busy month to honor Veterans from Happy and surrounding areas.  All elementary students, the High School band, FFA members, and student council members participated in the moving program, designed to . . . read more

Rachel Carson, Environmentalist and Role Model

By Elizabeth Barclay I was assigned a school project to create a wax museum display about a female role model.  I selected Rachel Carson.  Ms. Carson was a Marine Scientist who advocated against the use of pesticides such as . . . read more

Happy Elementary Students Ready for Hollywood

November 11, 2015 The Drama Enrichment participants presented a full-length play on Friday, November 6, to their fellow Happy ISD students and on Saturday, November 7, to approximately 150 family, friends, and visitors.  The play, . . . read more

Drama Enriches the Lives of Students

Happy Elementary School students had the opportunity to try out for parts in the Drama production of “Cinderella and the Emperor’s New Clothes”.  The play is an adaptation of two plays by Blanche Marvin.  The plot . . . read more

New Leaders at Happy Elementary

September 22, 2015                                             The sixth grade students at Happy Elementary gathered prior . . . read more

School Is Cool…With YoYo’s

September 14, 2015   Around the World Yoyo presented the assembly “The School is Cool” at Happy Elementary.  John Fox, who travels across America speaking to thousands of students each year, used Yoyo tricks to . . . read more

When I Grow Up

Kason Sperry

After reading the book When I Grow Up by Al Yankovic, I decided I want to be a math teacher, a science teacher and a social studies teacher.  My mom is a math teacher, Mrs. Hix is a math teacher and a science and social studies . . . read more

When I Grow Up

I listened to Mrs. Waldo read When I Grow Up by Al Yankovic.  I began thinking about my future.  When I grow up I want to be a policeman because they have a car with sirens.  I will arrest people who steal from others, people . . . read more

When I Grow Up

Breelee Dempsey

When I Grow Up… By Breelee Dempsey After reading the book, When I Grow Up, by Al Yankovic, I began thinking about what I want to be when I grow up. I want to be an adventurer and write about my adventures, sharing my . . . read more

Reading to the End

Ten Kindergarten students met the Principal’s Reading Challenge at Happy Elementary.  Because of their success, they enjoyed a lunch date with Mrs. Venhaus, a school volunteer.  Mrs. Waldo, Happy Elementary Principal, and the . . . read more

Excited about Reading

Seven Kindergarten students met the Principal’s Reading Challenge at Happy Elementary.  Because of their success, they enjoyed a lunch day with Mrs. Venhaus, a school volunteer.  Mrs. Waldo, Happy Elementary Principal, and the . . . read more

Hoops for Heart Campaign

Hoops for Heart   Happy is excited to once again support the American Heart Association and Jump Rope for Heart/Hoops for Heart in 2015!   It is the 36 th Anniversary of the Jump Rope for Heart program and . . . read more

Fifth grade Critters Alive

February 17, 2015 Written by:  Emily Berry, Stevie Box, Hannah Drake, Jamison Higgs, Aimee McCarley, and Sydni Middleton             “Whoa, that looks cool!” . . . read more

Number Sense Builds Strong Foundation

Fourth through Sixth grade students compete in a monthly online Number Sense competition, competing with other schools in the state of Texas.  The results for the February competition are back and Happy Elementary made a very strong . . . read more

Presidents’ Day at Happy Elementary

By Miguel Velasquez, 2 nd Grader Presidents’ Day at Happy Elementary is very different than many places.  Tom Panger, an artist from Amarillo associated with the Windows on a Wider World program, visited the students at Happy . . . read more

Art Enriches the Educational Experience in Happy ISD

February 2, 2015 Forty-six students in grades 1 st through 6 th participated in an Art Enrichment program during December and January.  The Art Enrichment program allowed interested students to create art using many different . . . read more

Happy First Graders Rise to the Challenge

Five Happy Elementary First grade students met the Principal Reading Challenge for January.  All first graders were encouraged and challenged to meet the reading goal set forth by their teacher, Mrs. McNeill, and go beyond that.  . . . read more

Art Enriches the Educational Experience

Students at Happy Elementary had the opportunity to participate in an after school Art Enrichment program.  During the program, the students painted with acrylics, water colors, used oil pastels, and drew.  Carolyn Bloodworth, . . . read more

Randall County Stock Show

Eight students from Happy ISD were represented at the Randall County Junior Livestock Show this weekend.  We are proud to say that all eight made the sale (Randall County is a percentage sale, only the top 75% of each class . . . read more

The Wind Turbine

The Wind Turbine By Dylan Hackbarth, 4 th grader The fourth graders at Happy Elementary School built wind turbines to demonstrate how energy can be transformed and changed.  My dad helped me build a wind turbine.  I told . . . read more

Wind Turbines

Wind Turbine Project By Tryce Johnson, 4 th grader The 4 th grade class at Happy Elementary School participated in a wind turbine project.  In the assignment, we were expected to build a homemade wind turbine.  It did . . . read more

Wind Turbines

Wind Turbines By Levi Walden When Dad came to pick me up from Papa’s, Dad, Papa, Charlie and I went to the barn to build the Wind Turbine Project.  All of the fourth graders at Happy Elementary were building a working . . . read more

Chapter Challenge

Chapter Challenge By Toni Waldo Second grade students received a principal challenge to read chapter books.  The challenge was designed to encourage emerging readers to select books that cannot be finished in one setting, to . . . read more

Happy Elementary Brings Home the Gold

Happy Elementary brings Home the Gold By Toni Waldo The Happy Elementary Students competed in the UIL Academic Meet on Thursday, November 20, in Hartley, TX.  The students and teams earned 690 points to win the meet.  The . . . read more

Random Acts of Kindness

Random Act of Kindness Happy Elementary School students were recently on the receiving end of a Random Act of Kindness.  Tony Price of Fairfield, Texas, found the book Why Cowboys Sleep With Their Boots On, written by Laurie . . . read more

Happy Elementary is Thankful

November 24, 2014 Happy Elementary is Thankful! Happy ISD hosted a Thanksgiving meal for family and friends last week.  A great number of people enjoyed a terrific traditional Thanksgiving meal with students.  While . . . read more

Honoring the Ones Who Served

     It was a crisp Tuesday on Veterans’ Day.  We had a jam packed auditorium with Veterans, aged from their 20’s to their 90’s.  The FFA students presented the colors.  The 5 th and 6 th . . . read more

A Day of Honor

Traditions run deep in the small town of Happy, Texas.  Veterans were honored on November 11 th at the school auditorium with not an empty seat to be found.  On this patriotic day, students showed their appreciation for the . . . read more

Elementary students visit High Plains Food Bank Garden

Baiyleigh Higgs, Aimee McCarley, Bryson Morris, and Micah Talley read biographies to meet the principal challenge. The fifth and sixth grade students were challenged to read 3 Accelerated Reader points worth of biographies.  These four . . . read more

Happy Elementary Students Create Museum Exhibits

Happy Elementary Students Create Museum Exhibits October 15, 2014 Twenty students at Happy Elementary School are participating in an enrichment project in cooperation with Swisher County Museum.  The students were challenged to . . . read more

Happy Volunteer Fire Department Visit Happy Elementary

PreK ,Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd grades spend time with Local Firemen. On October 14th several members of the Happy Volunteer Fire Department visited the elementary.  They arrived in several fire trucks and the ambulance.  . . . read more

Honoring a Local Hero

Tell Stewart, 2011 graduate of Happy High School, enlisted in the U.S. Army.  Tell, the son of Robin Stewart and Andy Stewart, left for Boot Camp in Fort Benning, Georgia, yesterday.  Tell plans to be a paratrooper, entering the . . . read more


September 11, 2014 The 3 rd – 6 th grade students at Happy Elementary School enjoy the opportunity to learn and experience Science.  Recently, their studies led  them to discover several principles of air . . . read more

Happy Schools Ranked Among Best in Texas by Children at Risk

The Children at Risk organization ranked Happy ISD 14 th among 953 school districts in the state of Texas for 2014.  Children at Risk is a nonprofit organization which aims to improve the quality of life for children across Texas . . . read more

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